Antimicrobial and Biodegradation Test Laboratory

Antimicrobial Testing Antimicrobial Testing -- With over 30 years of microbiological, antimicrobial application and formulation test experience, we can help with new products and ensure existing products meet the grade.
Microbial Testing Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, MIC -- Where others see microbial challenges, we see opportunities. For discovery, bringing new applications to market, and for pushing the science of microbial testing forward.
Biodegradation Testing Biodegradation -- Using biodegradation tests including OECD 301B and ASTM D6400, our lab tests industrial materials and consumer products for biodegradation, compostability and eco-toxicity.
Compost Testing Certified Compostable -- Certification of compost and compostable materials using ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868, ISO 14855, ISO 16929 and EN 13432 for compostable materials; and USCC STA for composts and other soil amendments.
Product Peformance Testing Product Performance Tests -- Meeting the method requirements is one thing. Knowing how it performs in actual use conditions and against the competition can be crucial for a successful product launch.
Quality Control Quality Control -- Reduce hold times and eliminate consumables. With turnarounds starting at 24 hours (or less), we offer batch and production scale testing and can chart the product's entire QC history.

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Microbial Test Lab

Antimicrobial and Biodegradation Testing

Antimicrobial Testing