AATCC 135 – Fabric Durability Test

Antimicrobial use in textiles, such as towels, is important to prevent odor caused by microbial growth. Additionally, determining how well an antimicrobial will work through extended use is also an important factor when developing a product for the end-consumer.

Antimicrobial use in textiles, such as towels, is important to prevent mildew & odors caused by microbial growth.

AATCC 135 is a product performance test that measures several aspects of fabric durability after home laundering.

For testing purposes, AATCC 135 is typically used beyond the standard intent of assessing dimensional stability.  This test method also provides a standard performance challenge to fabrics that use antimicrobial additives such as those designed to resist the growth of bacteria, fungi or algae.

Antimicrobial fabric properties tend to dissipate over time and laundering provides a reasonable assessment of the antimicrobial performance of a fabric from first use to the loss of the antimicrobial performance.

For most consumer products, the standard expectation of durable antimicrobial performance is 25 home launderings. For different products it can be as high as 100 home launderings, or as low as 1 to 2 home launderings.

There are many different technologies that can provide greater or lesser durability of antimicrobial additive to fabrics and textiles; product performance should be designed with the needed performance built into the product by design.

There are variations of the method that can be performed, including: four washing temperatures, three agitation cycles, two rinse temperatures and four drying procedures.  These cover the common home care options available to consumers using modern laundering machines. Due to the variations within the method, testing parameters must be decided and agreed upon before testing proceeds.

Our customers commonly request AATCC 135 testing as a durability test performed with AATCC TM 100.  Many times, customers request AATCC 61 testing in tandem with AATCC 135.   AATCC 61 performs accelerated laundering on a fabric that is expected to undergo frequent laundering, which is tested using accelerated laundering procedures.

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