Antimicrobial Development

New antimicrobial additives are expensive to develop.

Depending on the market, the focus of development has been on formulation improvement for the use of existing antimicrobials, and their reformulation with new carrier systems.

Situ Biosciences offers full spectrum antimicrobial testing in addition to regulatory compliance assessment and best-in-class environmental impact analysis for antimicrobials, their use, and finished product sustainability.

Advanced Assessment and Testing
• Accurate, reproducible, and reliable
• Optimized methodologies to fit product requirements
• Quality control benchmark standards
• Scalable durability specifications
• Industrial standard testing: ASTM, JIS, ISO, AATCC, EPA, OECD, MIL-STD

Expert Formulation and Optimization
• High-throughput methods; greatly expanding formulation combinations
• Determine the best and most cost effective formulations
• Cut costs and development time

Environmental Sustainability
• Optimize environmental impact profile
• Determine both readily- and ultimate- biodegradability metrics
• Provide your customers with the assurance that you are continually developing environmental best practices

new antimicrobial additives are expensive

Additive Development

can existing formulations be used instead?

Antimicrobial Testing