ASTM D4300 – Anti-fungal Test for Adhesives

Mold fungi growth on surface of pink siilicone.The ASTM D4300 test is designed to measure the ability of adhesive films to support or resist fungal growth.

ASTM D4300 is useful for determining whether adhesives possess sufficient anti-fungal properties to prevent fungal growth.

There are variations to the ASTM D4300, depending on the adhesive type and nutrient load.  Testing is typically performed on Low or High Viscosity Adhesives.

Standard testing for ASTM D4300 runs for 4 weeks and qualitatively examines the presence or absence of the zone of inhibition in mm, indicating the effect on fungal growth due to the presence of the test sample.

ASTM D4300 can tests against a variety of of different fungal species and can test against a single or mixed fungal inoculum.  Please inquire with the lab for specific fungal species requirements.

For more information on ASTM D4300, please contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com.

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