Microbial Lab Services

An ISO 17025 independent microbiology laboratory, we provide our customers with comprehensive services for their antimicrobial and biodegradation requirements.

It is our commitment to provide the most complete service for both testing and problem solving of your specific application and operational needs. Our antimicrobial product application expertise includes:

Industrial Manufacturing and Finished Product Application
• Product preservation and manufacturing hygiene
• Plant hygiene and Six Sigma process controls
• Quality control surveillance and corrective action solutions
• High-throughput formulation assessment and cost analysis benchmarks

Consumer Product Formulation and Performance Certification
• Finished goods performance testing and certification
• Product formulation and manufacturing quality control
• Odor control evaluation and testing
• Antibacterial and antifungal testing
• Durability assessment
• Regulatory compliance
• Environmental impact assessment

Innovation and Translational Technology
• New technology or formulation testing and development
• Proof-of-concept testing
• Market product category assessment

antimicrobial and biodegradation testing

ISO 17025 Accredited

applications - formulations - quality control

Antimicrobial Test Lab