Microbiological Laboratory Overview

What is -- In Situ?

Strictly speaking in situ (In 'si:tu) or (In 'si:chu -- like a sneeze) is Latin for "in place".

However for a range of scientific and industrial markets, it refers to the evaluation of a material in its most natural use environment. Expertise is key to evaluating bioproduct performance simulating the in situ environment as best as possible.

More importantly, for a given product it is the combination of our knowledge of the appropriate microbiological test methods and their limitations that results in the best assessment and finished product cost and performance.

Is Situ Biosciences a specialty chemical company?

Situ Biosciences LLC is an independent microbiology consultation and testing laboratory.

We provide an unbiased assessment for the best antimicrobial solutions globally available, to solve your problem or enhance your finished product performance.

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