Aquatic Toxicology

Toxicology testing evaluates the direct impact a substance has on living organisms. It is often a required testing component for product registration, regulatory purposes, and third party labeling for product marketing.  Many agencies like the EPA, the EU, and REACH regulate products in the market and require test data on their ecotoxicological effects.

Products that commonly undergo toxicology testing include lubricants, oils, fuels, detergents, pet care products, cleaning materials, and other product types that are intended to come into contact with the environment.

Chronic or Acute Toxicity can be measured and is commonly tested against algae, crustaceans, fish, oligochaete, daphnia and other small invertebrate aquatic organisms. A list of our most common test methods can be found below. The laboratory can accommodate a variety of custom specifications and requirements for all of your testing needs.

Testing Options

Aquatic InvertebratesFish toxicology testing at situ biosciences that can include early life stage, juvenile, or life cycle testing
OECD 202: Daphnia sp; Acute Immobilization
OECD 211: Daphnia Magna; Reproduction Test
OECD 218/219: Sediment-Water Toxicity Test
OECD 225: Lumbriculus Toxicity Test
Mysidopsis bahia; acute toxicity test

Fish and other vertebrates
OECD 203: Fish; Acute Toxicity
OECD 210: Early Life Toxicity Test
OECD 212:  Short Term Toxicity Test
OECD 215: Fish; Juvenile Growth Test
OPPTS 850.1500: Fish Life Cycle Toxicity

Aquatic plants
OECD 201: Algae Growth Inhibition Test
OECD 221: Lemna species; Growth Inhibition
OECD 238: Myriophyllum spicatum toxicity test

Regulatory Information & EPA Guidlines

Ecological Effects data is required for EPA Pesticide Registration under 40 CFR Part 158 section 630.

Unless a substance meets exceptions outlined in 40 CFR Part 158 section 630, the following data requirements are needed for registration of Terrestrial, Aquatic, Forestry and most Residential Out-door use substances:

* Customers most commonly request OPPTS 850.1035: Mysid Acute Toxicity Test, OPPTS 850.1075: Fish Acute Toxicity Test-Marine, and OPPTS 850.1025: Oyster Acute Toxicity Test to meet the Acute Toxicity Estuarine and Marine Organism requirements for Pesticide Registration, which requires one estuarine/marine mollusk, invertebrate and fish to be tested against.

Working with Situ Biosciences for your Aquatic Toxicology testing allows the process to be completed efficiently and in a timely matter; allowing you to focus on the distribution of a new or reformulated product.

For more information on Environmental Fate & Toxicology testing, contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com