Biodegradation Test Methods

Below are commonly requested biodegradation and compost test methods. Options include a range of associated test protocols including BOD/COD and toxicity assessments. Contact our laboratory at 847-483-9950 for additional information about biodegradation and compostable product testing.


ASTM D6400 Aerobic Biodegradation Series
ASTM D5338 Aerobic Biodegradation
ASTM D6868 Coated Materials
ASTM D5864 Lubricants
ASTM D6691 Plastics in Seawater
ASTM D5988 Plastics in Soil


OECD 301A DOC Die-Away
OECD 301B CO2 Evolution
OECD 301D Dissolved Oxygen
OECD 301E Modified DOC (Closed Bottle)
OECD 301F Oxygen Consumption
OECD 302 Inherent Biodegradation
OECD 306 Biodegradability in Seawater
OECD 310 CO2 (Headspace)


ISO 7827 Water Quality (DOC)
ISO 408 O2 Demand (Closed Bottle)
ISO 9439 CO2 Evolution
ISO 10707 Water Quality (BOD)
ISO 10708 Ultimate Biodegradability (BOD)
ISO 14855 Biodegradation
ISO 4593 CO2 (Headspace)
ISO 17088 Compostable Plastics
ISO 17556 Plastics in Soil


EN 13432 Aerobic Biodegradation


EPA Fate Ready Biodegradability
EPA Fate Ultimate Biodegradability
EPA OPPTS 835.3110
EPA OPPTS 835.3100


MIL PRF 87937D Solutions Biodegradation


OECD 201 Algal Toxicity
OECD 208 Plant Growth
OECD 209 Activated Sludge
OECD Water Accommodated Fraction

Chemical Analysis

BOD Biochemical O2 Demand
COD Chemical O2 Demand
TOC/IC Total Organic/Inorganic Carbon


ISO 16929 Pilot Scale Composting

Compost Testing

USCC STA Compost Testing

For more information on which methods may be appropriate to use for your product, visit or contact us at or 847-483-9950.

Aquatic Toxicology Testing

Algae   Daphnia   Mysid   Fish

OECD and EPA Test Methods

 Algae Growth Inhibition        WAF – Water Accommodated Fraction

 Daphnia Acute Immobilization             Fish Acute Toxicity