Preservation Testing

Preservation testing determines the resistance of the test sample to growth of microorganisms and is an important part of product performance testing.

Microbes may be contained during the production of a product, however, customer expectation drives demand for products to perform similarly while in use by the end-consumer.

Preservation testing is one component for testing how a product will perform during its expected use and how an antimicrobial preservative will perform overtime.

Testing is performed for Preservation Product Performance Requirements and is commonly included in product Quality Control testing.

Preservation testing is beneficial for a variety of industries, where testing provides valuable data on how a product will perform after a specific duration after opening and while in use.

Standards can be performed for preservation but testing can also be customized to fit the intended use of the product.

Common preservation tests include:

Different specifications can be made to customize testing to fit:

  • Single use application
  • Repeated use application

Customers will commonly request standards that challenge material’s preservation performance including ASTM E1259ASTM E640 and USP 51.

Testing is commonly requested for a variety of industries including, personal & pet care products, fuel & oil, lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaning formulations, amongst many others.

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