Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Test Lab

Situ Biosciences LLC is a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant laboratory

When conducting a GLP study, it is important to understand the product and regulatory requirements.

Certain GLPs are followed for specific regulatory requirements like EPA Pesticide Registration, REACH Registration, and EPA Chemical Substance registration.

Currently, Situ Biosciences LLC conducts GLP studies under:

  • EPA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA): 40 CFR Part 160
  • EPA Toxic Substance Control Act: 40 CFR Part 792
  • Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development: OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practices

Some of the most common GLP study types for Product Registrations include:

  • Test substance characterization
  • Formulary Certified Limits,  Storage Stability, and Corrosion Characteristics
  • Antimicrobial performance and durability assessments
  • Ecotoxicological assessments for Acute and Chronic toxicity with freshwater and marine species
  • Environmental fate assessments for solubility, octanol water partition coefficient, volatility, and biodegradation
  • Although these are the most common, Situ Biosciences LLC can conduct GLP studies for a range of projects as requested

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