2022 Customer Feedback Results

Below are the Full Results of the Questions related to our Quality and Customer Experience

Question: “Situ Biosciences Provides Quality Results.”

  • Strongly Agree (79%)
  • Agree (14%)
  • Unsure (7%)
  • Disagree (0%)
  • Strongly Disagree (0%)


Question: “What kind of expectations do you have when working with a lab?  Were they met?  If not, please explain. ”

  1. Reliable, accurate, timely test results. Expectations were met.
  2. Coming from the world of A2LA certified laboratories, I expect a detailed, impartial and accurate test and report. My criteria was met and exceeded.  I found your companies integrity to be first class.  Thank you.
  3. Multiple responses:
      1. Prompt response/follow-up
      2. Informative discussions
      3. Easily understood test report
      4. Reasonable turnaround time
    • Yes, all expectations are consistently met by Situ Biosciences.
  4. We reached Situ Biosciences, to conduct an antimicrobial testing. We expected them to do the testing according to the appropriate standard and provide us with a professional report. I am happy to inform you that our expectations were met.
  5. Meeting the deadline agreed is something crucial to me. Providing trustable results and explanations about the standard when required, helping to understand the results.
  6. Terms and explanation of results are important
  7. Perform the test as expected and report the results. Ask if there are any questions or issues with the samples submitted. Everything works great.
  8. Fast and accurate results at a reasonable rate. Yes we are pleased with the results and services provided.
  9. Yes, expectations were met and exceeded.
  10. Yes, all needs were met quickly and with support.
  11. Multiple responses:
      1. – Reliability of the test: unsure about that
      2. – low turnaround time: takes quite some time to get the results. Could be also related to admin issues related to purchase order release delays
      3. – “after sales” service for answering questions: yes, good quality and help
      4. – raw data availability: upon request
  12. Technical guidance, timely and accurate results. They were met.


Question: “From the project work conducted; have Situ Biosciences test reports been submitted to any regulatory agencies?  If so, what was the outcome?”

  1. No (multiple responses)
  2. Positive
  3. all positive
  4. For us, submitted to customers, not regulatory agencies. In the future may need test results to back-up marketing claims so to combat potential FTC regulations.


Question: “Would you recommend Situ Biosciences to your colleagues?   If not, please explain.”

  1. Yes (multiple responses)
  2. Yes, We respect Don and his team.
  3. Yes, I have already recommended you to my colleagues


Question: “If you have any additional thoughts, please share them here.”

  1. I believe in honesty and integrity and those were two things that happened on my experience with Situ Biosciences testing. Thank you.
  2. The level of service is very good. All questions are answered quickly. The only downside is that we get the results of the research late than expected.
  3. Consider positioning the consulting services as a defined product development stream. Consider helping others realize how SITU can plug into their R&D and risk management efforts, i.e. testing plus A and B