AATCC 30 – Antifungal Test – Textiles

AATCC TM 30 antifungal product test is a quantitative method to determine the susceptibility of textile materials to mildew and rot.

Although this antimicrobial test is commonly used for textiles, this method can also be used to evaluate the efficacy of fungicides on foams as well.

There are four parts to AATCC TM 30, with AATCC 30 Part 3 being the most common choice.  Choosing the right approach can be determined by whether the material is synthetic or cellulosic and if the material will come into direct contact with soil.

Options for Testing

  • AATCC 30 Part 1 is a soil burial test for materials intended to come into direct contact with soil. Standard testing for Part 1 runs for 2 weeks but can last up to 6 weeks.
  • AATCC 30 Part 2 is an Agar plate test against the microorganism Chaetomium globosum. Standard testing for Part 2 is 10-14 days.
  • AATCC 30 Part 3 is an Agar plate test against Aspergillus niger. Generally, standard testing runs 7 days with glucose for non-cellulosic materials and 14 days without glucose for cellulosic materials.
  • AATCC 30 Part 4 is a Humidity Jar, Mixed Spore Suspension test. Standard testing for non-coated cellulosic materials is 14 days and standard testing for non-cellulosic or coated cellulosic textiles is 28 days.

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