ASTM D6081 – Algal Toxicity Testing

ASTM D6081 is the standard test for aquatic toxicity testing of lubricants and can test for acute or chronic toxicity.

  • Chronic Analysis typically consists of exposing organisms to a level of the material and then measuring the bioaccumulation of that material in the organisms over a specified exposure time.
  • Acute Analysis typically is done by establishing the 50% LD-50 lethal dose of the compound to organisms; this approach is mostly commonly requested.

ASTM D6081 is most suitable for lubricants and their components that are not completely soluble at their intended use rates.

Toxicology testing can evaluate how a material will affect living organisms and their surrounding environment during use and after disposal.

Although steps are taken to prevent lubricant materials from entering the environment, there is always that chance of contamination in the natural environment despite all efforts.

If the biologically treated material is disposed of in a way that potentially impacts surface waters and ground water, then it is recommended that the appropriate regulatory agency is contacted for guidance documents to determine the proper test species for evaluating potential environmental impact.

It is also recommended that customers contact the respective regulatory agency to determine what type of toxicology testing is required for product performance claims.

Additionally, many customers request Biodegradability and Toxicology testing together in order to meet regulatory and market requirements.

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