ASTM D6868 – Compostable Product Test – Plastic Coatings

ASTM D6868 is a standard method that incorporates plastics and polymers as coatings or additives with paper and other substrates designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities.

Situ Biosciences has currently suspended testing according to the ASTM D6868 due to complications associated with the COVID-19 mandatory quarantine.

ASTM D6868 is designed to test materials, products, and packaging that consist a biodegradable plastic film or coating attached to a compostable substrate; the entire product is intended to be composted in an aerobic composting facility.

ASTM D6868 is commonly used to satisfy the requirements for the labeling of end items that use plastics or polymers as coatings or binders, as “compostable in aerobic municipal and industrial composting facilities.” As a test guide, ASTM D6868 provides information for customers who are looking into making claims for specific product types.

The guidelines for ASTM D6868 are often used after testing materials with a standard method such as ASTM D6400. Generally, the lab recommends testing the finished product first and then running individual tests if the product and coating doesn’t reach the biodegradability rate as required in the method.  The ASTM D6868 does not apply to the product without the attached film.

Similar to ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868 has the following requirements:

  • Disintegration During Composting
  • Method Specified Biodegradation within 180 days
  • No Adverse Impacts on Ability of Compost to Support Plant Growth
  • Compost Quality – Metals Analysis

Customers commonly use ASTM D6868 as a guideline for common packaging and composite materials.

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