ASTM E2180 – Antimicrobial Test

ASTM E2180 determines the activity of incorporated antimicrobial agent(s) in polymeric or hydrophobic materials

ASTM E2180 quantitatively evaluates the antimicrobial effectiveness of agents incorporated or bound into or onto mainly flat hydrophobic or polymeric surfaces.

ASTM E2180 primarily focuses on evaluating antibacterial activity; however, other microorganisms such as yeast and fungi may be tested. Results from testing can confirm the presence of antimicrobial activity and allows for comparison between treated and untreated plastics or polymers.

Standard testing can also incorporate a “shelf life” or long-term stability test for an antimicrobial treated material by testing both washed and non-wasted samples at different time points. Standard testing for ASTM E2180 is against S. aureus, and P. aeruginosa or K. pneumoniae.

The method does permit other organisms to be used that are relevant to the environment in which the product will perform. Customers commonly request ISO 22196 or JIS Z 2801 for product testing of antimicrobial treated plastics and polymers.

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