ASTM G29 – Anti-algal Product Test

ASTM G29 is used to evaluate the degree and durability of protection against the surface growth of algae afforded by additives incorporated in a treated product.

ASTM G29 is used in aquatic environments and for materials where plastics are exposed to surface water and sun.

Different sources of water like artificial ponds and pools are lined with plastic film; under the proper atmospheric conditions these sources allow algal populations to proliferate

This antimicrobial test method evaluates the protection against algae proliferation provided by different antimicrobial additives in the film.

For ASTM G29, standard testing is tested against blue-green alga Oscillatoria.

Generally speaking, standard testing ends after two weeks or when the film shows dense algal growth.

Results from ASTM G29 can reveal important data about a product’s ability to resist algal growth.

Product testing brings important information to manufacturers and suppliers who can use the results to aid in Product development and Performance.

At Situ Biosciences, we recognize that standard tests may not always meet our customer’s specific needs. That is why we offer customized algae testing options tailored to your requirements that evaluate the ability of materials to resist the growth of selected algae on their surfaces under simulated real-world conditions.

Our experienced Technical and Commercial staff understand challenges that exist and requirements that must be met for industrial and consumer product testing.

Their skills can assist customers with testing plans, interpreting results, and understanding product performance compared to market competitors.

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