OECD 215: Fish, Juvenile Growth Test

OECD 215 assess the effects of prolonged exposure to chemicals on the growth of juvenile fish.

Fish play a major role in aquatic ecosystems; it is important to evaluate the impact that different material types like plant protection products, industrial chemicals, biocides, and pharmaceutical products have on aquatic ecosystems and biota.

OECD 215 exposes Juvenile fish in exponential growth phase, after being weighed, to a range of sublethal concentrations of the test substance dissolved in water.  Standard testing for the OECD 215 test method is preferably performed under flow- through conditions. The test duration  for OECD 215 is 28 days and fish are fed daily. Test solutions of the chosen concentrations are prepared by dilution of a stock solution.

Test Organisms:

  • Danio rerio (zebrafish)
Results of an acute toxicity test (OECD 203)*, preferably performed with the species chosen for this test, should be available. It is  important to have data on the test substance’s water solubility (OECD 105)* and the vapor pressure.  It can also be beneficial to have data on the different performance and physical and chemical properties of the material including structural formula, purity of the substance, stability in water and light, the Partition Coefficient (OECD 117)*, Dissociation Constants in water (OECD 112)*, and results of a test for ready biodegradability.

Many toxicology tests are used to meet regulatory requirements for different product applications; for any testing performed to meet regulatory or third party labeling requirements, it is strongly recommended to review requirements prior to testing with the appropriate agency to determine which tests should be performed for label claims or regulatory acceptance.

Depending on the selected species for testing, lead time for OECD 215 can vary.  Please inform the lab of any time restrictions prior to project initiation.

*OECD 203: Fish; Acute Toxicity Test

* OECD 112: Dissociation Contants in Water

*OECD 117: Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water), HPLC Method

* OECD 105: Water Solubility

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