RTCA/DO-160G – Antifungal Test – Avionic Equipment

RTCA DO-160G is an antifungal product test used for the environmental testing of electronic aviation equipment, specifically relating to fungal exposure.

The DO-160 is typically performed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other international regulations on commercial aircraft equipment.  Vital aircraft navigation and communications systems must be able to withstand diverse environmental conditions they may be exposed to during flight.

DO-160G testing is commonly performed on aviation equipment that may be affected by fungi in conditions favorable to fungi development. These conditions include high humidity, high temperatures, and the presence of inorganic salts. Performing antifungal testing is important to prevent electrical failures and other equipment limitations due to fungal growth RTCA DO-160G is harmonized with MIL-STD 810G and standard testing is a minimum of 28 days.


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