Mysid Acute Toxicity Test

Situ Biosciences offers a variety of toxicology tests, including an acute toxicity test with Mysid shrimp.

Testing involves determining the LC50 (Lethal Concentration that kills 50% of the population) of the test sample in 24 hour intervals with measurements typically taken at 0 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and 96 hour time points.

  • Young mysid shrimp are exposed to the test substance in an aqueous environment and mortalities are observed over the length of testing.
  • The mysid shrimp species involved in testing is Mysidopsis bahia.
  • Testing is performed in a marine aqueous environment.
  • A range finding test may be conducted to determine the test solution concentrations for the definitive test.

Customers generally request testing to meet regulatory or third party branding requirements for environmentally acceptable products.

For any testing performed to meet regulatory or third party labeling requirements, it is strongly recommended to review requirements prior to testing with the appropriate agency to determine which tests should be performed for label claims or regulatory acceptance.

In addition to acute toxicity testing, many customers request environmental fate test methods including OECD 301 for Ready Biodegradability and OECD 117 to evaluate a materials partition coefficient.

For more information, please contact our Environmental Fate and Toxicology Laboratory at 847-483-9950 or