Situ Biosciences’ technical department has over 30 years of accumulated experience in the microbiological testing arena. Our 10,000 square-foot ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory (A2LA ISO 17025 Certificate # 3194.01) offers a range of testing capabilities, including GLP testing (in conformance with applicable requirements of the U.S. EPA FIFRA Good Laboratory Practice Standard per 40CFR Part 160 and TSCA Part 792).

Our lab services include Antimicrobial TestingBiodegradability Testing, Analytical Services, Environmental Fate & Toxicology Testing, Product Development, and Product & Quality Certification.

There is often more than one approach to testing against various organisms, environmental conditions, and product performance attributes; knowing how to begin or where to go next can be challenging and overwhelming.

Our highly skilled staff is experienced in helping customers meet project requirements for product development, testing, and market implementation.  Whatever the case may be, there are a variety of methods that Situ Biosciences offers to meet customer needs.

Once the correct approach has been decided, Situ Biosciences works with customers through each project stage.  Whether meeting regulatory requirements or balancing a budget, our team accommodates needs of the customer to make product testing and development a smooth process.

We have considerable experience in cost management; we focus on managing our testing capabilities to economize on costs and taking advantage of economies of scale by running our testing as efficiently as possible, which in turn helps balance cost requirements for product testing.

To learn more about our testing services, contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or