The Challenge

Microbes can quickly become a challenge in indoor and outdoor production facilities, institutions and buildings.

Everything they need to thrive is often available in the same location.  Once established, microbial contamination can become a significant problem with often costly remediation solutions.

Situ Biosciences has a number of test options to provide analysis of possible microbial growth. We offer fast turnarounds and solid scientifically valid results.

Is it Microbiological?

The first step in determining whether a contamination issue is biological is to run a basic screen test.  Samples are taken from the most likely source of contamination or the from the largest amount of material.

Our recommendation when collecting samples is to preserve, as much as possible, a representation of the environment in which the possible contamination occurred.

Usually this means a portion of the fluid or material where the issue was first seen.

There are several options for sample collection and additional platings can usually be done to further define what may be the cause.

With the correct approach to collection and identification, understanding the type of microbial contamination is possible and can save time and costs with issues that arise from contamination down the line.

For more about microbial facility testing, contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com.