Pet Care Products

By properly testing the pet care products, the intended functions of the product and other product quality testing assure that the performance meets the expectations of your customers.

Product testing is a part of the process for optimizing product performance, quality and cost.  The testing involved should include each aspect of the performance desired from the finished product.

For control of microbial contamination or antimicrobial properties, proper testing can prevent microbial contamination, improve shelf life, assess environmental stability (for example: heat and UV light, temperature variations, etc.)  and determine how the product will impact the environment during use and after disposal.

biodegradation and antimicrobial testing of pet care products provide ideal product solutionsCommonly requested tests for Pet Care Products include:

Common challenging formulations include testing for shampoos, conditioners, wipes, creams, disinfectants and washes.  The commonality for these types of formulations is that they are water based, and many of the ingredients in them can be consumed by microorganisms.

At our product test laboratory, customers commonly request testing for product development, performance, and quality control.

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