Military Standard

Materials and applications used in military settings can encounter extreme environments and varied use conditions.

As a result, antimicrobial testing for products in this market is often more stringent than in commercial and industrial settings.

Controlling fungal growth is critical for many products and materials used in these environments and often a significant part of the much larger MIL-STD requirement.

Fungal growth not only contaminates a material with unsightly growth but it can also inhibit the performance of the product or material.

When there are extreme conditions and no space for error, it is important that the products and materials used in the military setting perform optimally over their intended use time.

Our lab has expertise in material and formulation development and performance testing as required by the U.S. Department of Defense and recognized globally as MIL-STD and MIL-PRF tests.

We are experienced in testing for fungal efficacy using MIL-STD 810G and in providing the comprehensive report and documentation required for approval of the tested product.

MIL-PRF-87937D testing is performed to evaluate the biodegradation of surfactants used as cleaning agents for military equipment; this method should be used to test surfactants before use in the field and to evaluate the biodegradability of the material when in contact with the outside environment.

MIL-STD testing is used for a variety of materials and products, including but not limited to military equipment, electronics, textiles, surfactants, and other materials that used together make up the important equipment and gear for military personnel.

Contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or for more information about fungal product testing, including MIL-PRF and MIL-STD testing for military equipment, electronics and textiles.