High voltage power plug

Electronics can be exposed to extreme environmental conditions that may be difficult to monitor in order to prevent microbial growth.

The materials used in electronics (polymers, foams, metals), exposure to humidity and extreme temperature ranges may create ideal conditions for microbial growth and contamination.

Electronics are often exposed to extreme conditions. Performance requirements and the fact that electronics are often located in highly inaccessible locations makes for an interesting microbial product challenge.

Once established in electronics, microbial growth is often difficult and expensive to contain. It is important to test a product’s resistance to microbial contamination to determine how microbial growth may compromise the performance of a product during its intended use.

Testing for Military & Aviation Products

MIL-PRF 28800F, MIL-STD 810G, JSS 55555 (‘Penta-Five’) and DO-160 are frequently used to test antimicrobial performance in electronics.

Fungi can thrive in electronics and are often difficult to detect. Once established, its hard to know where exactly the fungal contamination in electronic equipment came from. To ensure the equipment or component is tested before installation, we recommend testing the finished unit first, prior to testing the materials. Other antimicrobial tests are also available for electrical equipment and avionics testing.

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