Personal Care

Composition with plastic bottles of body care and beauty products

Personal care and cosmetic products have a number of microbial challenges that in combination often exceed that of industrial materials and other consumer goods.

Not only does the personal care or cosmetic product need to perform a function (wash, apply, stick, etc.) it also needs to provide value such as lasting after use, leave a pleasant (or at least a neutral) fragrance and have a long shelf life.

These attributes when combined with complex formulation and production needs can present a significant number of vectors for microbial growth.

Common antimicrobial tests include preservation tests, disinfectant efficacy testing against specific microorganisms and increasingly, biodegradation assays for raw materials, finished products and packaging.

Customers commonly request antimicrobial testing as part of their on going Quality Control program that assures manufacturers and suppliers that the product performs optimally batch after batch.

Biodegradation is an additional requirement often needed for market acceptance of personal care products. OECD 301B is used for liquids and ASTM D6400 is used for solid materials.

Biodegradability and Toxicology are commonly requested simultaneously to gain market acceptance and meet regulatory requirements.

It is highly recommended that customers check with the appropriate regulatory agency to determine which biodegradation and toxicology tests are required to make performance claims about their prodcut.

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