anti fungal plastic foam used in consumer product testing

Plastics are commonly treated with antimicrobials. Testing plastics for antimicrobial efficacy is important for determining product performance and safety.

Plastics and polymeric materials are used in just about every possible industrial and consumer product application.

From pelletized feed stock to fibers, coatings, extrusions and plasticizers, plastics and polymeric materials are consistently challenged by microbes.

Selecting the appropriate antimicrobial plastic test is an important consideration in product development and market acceptance.

Antimicrobial plastic testing often includes surface testing, durability and aging (to simulate real world conditions) and even detailed molecular analysis in developing effective antimicrobial formulations. Common antimicrobial plastic tests performed at our lab include ISO 22196, JIS Z 2801, ASTM G21 and ASTM G29.

Plastic biodegradability is another important consideration. Situ Biosciences uses standard plastic biodegradation tests including ASTM D5338, ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868, ISO 14855 and ISO 16929.

Whether a bio-based plastic or standard petro-chemical polymer, antimicrobial plastics and plastic biodegradation tests are often a key step in bringing plastic products to market.

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