Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

JIS standards are reliable, globally accepted antimicrobial test methods that have been harmonized for use in a range of industries and markets.  JIS Z 2801 and JIS L 1902 are globally recognized standards that are commonly used or foamplastics and textiles. These methods were originally developed for products entering and being manufactured in Japan.

The Japanese Standards Association (JAS) implemented the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) methods as some of the earliest bacterial and fungal test methods developed for the testing of antimicrobial silver treated products.  JIS Z 2801 and JIS L 1902 have had a long and useful history. These methods are still in use after nearly 60 years.

JIS Z 2801 is commonly requested for foams, hydrophobic fabrics and plastics; which method is chosen for testing depends on the preference or requirement of the end customer. The ISO 22196 antimicrobial test for plastics is a harmonized version of JIS Z 2801. ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801 are practically the same method and either method can be used to demonstrate antimicrobial efficacy.

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