Biodegradation Testing and Product Claims

Raw Materials

Even for naturally sources materials,
biodegradation testing may be
required prior to acceptance.


Biodegradation is not a calculation –
testing a product’s performance
before deciding which formulation
works as intended can potentially
save a lot of time and effort down
the line.

Finished Products

The finished product as it would be
delivered to the end-customer is
generally what is tested first.

Just because it’s ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s biodegradable.

These concepts have very specific meanings. Due to the proliferation of ‘green’ marketing claims, regulatory agencies are increasingly taking a hard look at how products are marketed – both domestically and internationally.

The first step when making any biodegradable performance claims is to make sure you have valid data from an independent third party laboratory.

Biodegradation, although a complex process, can make the difference between the competitive high-value product and the one that stays back in development limbo.

Once the product has achieved the required performance, the next step is assuring your customers of the quality of your products, from formulation to full scale production.

Suppliers and production conditions change; assuring your end customer that your products meet high standards through finalized product testing can go a long way in making the sale and keeping your orders coming.

Testing the biodegradation potential of your products as they would reach the end-customer not only gives you assurance that they are reaching the market at their highest potential quality, but also gives you the opportunity to make claims and further increase profitability.

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