AATCC 30 Pt 3 – Antifungal Fabric Test

AATCC 30 part 3 is an antifungal test for fabrics and textiles.

This method is a commonly requested antimicrobial test used for textiles and all non-cellulosic materials where growth would harm a product’s visual appeal but not necessarily its material strength.

This method is an antimicrobial surface test that introduces a material to the common fungi Aspergillus niger.   Alternate microorganisms can be used with this test by request.

Two versions of this method can be performed:

  • The 7-day version with glucose provides quicker screens and is commonly requested for non-cellulosic materials
  • The 14-day version without glucose provides more details about a product’s antimicrobial efficacy and is commonly requested for cellulosic materials

For a more stringent test, our laboratory recommends the 28-day ASTM G21 antifungal test.  Plastics and polymeric materials generally use ASTM G21 instead of AATCC 30 part 3.

Customers commonly request AATCC TM 30 Part 3 as part of product development and ongoing quality control testing.

When choosing the appropriate method for testing, it is important to communicate with your product test laboratory; knowing what requirements need to be met and how to approach a project can be discussed and defined with our commercial and technical teams at Situ Biosciences to ensure a smooth testing process.

Contact our Antimicrobial laboratory at 847-483-9950 or at info@situtest.com for more information.