AATCC TM 100 – Antimicrobial Textile Test

AATCC TM 100 is a test for antimicrobial performance in textiles and other porous materials.

The AATCC TM 100 is a standard, globally recognized, antimicrobial textile test. It is a quantitative method in which the assessment of antibacterial finishes on textile materials, including fabric finishes, is determined by the degree of antibacterial activity.

AATCC TM 100 is used to assess textiles treated with antimicrobial products as a part of the finished material composition and is primarily used to demonstrate antimicrobial performance against standard bacteria.

The standard microorganisms tested are Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia. Other bacteria such as MRSA can be substituted by customer request for use with the AATCC TM 100 test method. Additionally, express orders can be made for AATCC TM 100 as with most other antibacterial and antimicrobial tests.

As an antimicrobial test lab, Situ Biosciences offers antimicrobial testing that supports product development and performance testing, as well as quality control testing for consumer and industrial products.

Having the support of an antimicrobial laboratory from production to distribution and beyond not only reduces time and costs associated with developing and selling a product but also provides resources to reference and circle back to when questions need to be answered and actions need to be implemented.

Situ Biosciences is excited to announce that we have produced the world’s first Certified Reference Materials for validating antimicrobial laboratory testing!

Our ISO 17034 Certified Test Controls are available for standard antimicrobial tests including the AATCC TM 100 method. Click here to learn more about the AATCC TM 100 Certified Reference Material and visit our shop today.

AATCC TM 100 and Durability Testing

AATCC TM 100 can also be set up for durability assessments of textile materials, including accelerated aging, UV exposure, wash equivalents, prior to running the test.  A common durability assessment, AATCC 135 and AATCC 61 provide for home laundering of samples and can be tailored to a range of wash cycles.

For more information about AATCC TM 100 and antimicrobial testing for textiles, contact the laboratory at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com.