ASTM D3273 – Antifungal Test a Fungal Resistance Test for Paints and Coatings

ASTM D3273 is the standard antifungal test method to determine the fungal resistance on the surface of coatings in an environmental chamber.

This antimicrobial test method is a dry film coating test that provides the accelerated evaluation of the relative resistance of paint films to surface mold, fungi, and mildew growth in a severe environment.

ASTM D3273 performs an accelerated antifungal test with a standard test duration of 4 weeks. The three fungal organisms tested against are A. pullulans, A. Niger, and Penicillium.

For the ASTM test method D3273, once testing has completed, fungal defacement on the test samples is measured.

ASTM D3273 is most commonly used for coatings and many other building and construction products and materials. Customers commonly request to have their formulations tested with ASTM D3273 to determine the antimicrobial efficacy of their formulation at different concentration levels.

Testing a variety of concentrations can help manufacturers select the most effective antimicrobial during product development, prior to manufacturing a finished product.

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