ASTM E1428 – Antimicrobial Pink Stain Test

ASTM E1428 is a standard antimicrobial test for evaluating the performance of antimicrobials in or on polymeric solids against staining by Streptomyce species, which is a pink stain organism.

Customers commonly request ASTM E1428 for a variety of polymeric materials.   Certain bacteria and melanin are known to cause undesirable stains on the surface of polymers.

ASTM E1428 tests against a Pink Stain Organism and standard testing runs for 14 days. The results from testing are interpreted by evaluating the degree of stain on the test sample.

ASTM E1428 antimicrobial testing can evaluate a product’s performance against staining when exposed to microorganisms, such as Streptomyce species, that may be found in the surrounding environment.

The ASTM E1428 test method is commonly requested by customers as part of Quality Control testing for product distribution.  A Quality Control program is most successful with cyclical product testing batch to batch.

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