ISO 20743 – Antimicrobial Textile Test

ISO 20743 is a standard antimicrobial test method that determines the antibacterial activity of antibacterial- finished textile products.

Standard organisms tested against for ISO 20743 include S. aureus and K. pneumoniae; other organisms may be used by customer request.

Depending on the intended use of the product, different testing options can be selected to determine antibacterial activity.  These include:

  • Absorption Method
  • Transfer Method
  • Printing Method

Please inquire with the lab if a specific ISO 20743 method is required.  The absorption method is performed unless otherwise specified prior to testing.

ATP and Plate Counts are used as quantitative measurements for any of the three method options. The incubation time for testing is determined by specific test condition requirements.

ISO 20743 can be used as a relatively quick antimicrobial test for textiles and can provide important data on product performance. Understanding how a product will perform against microorganisms is important in order to maintain a quality product on the market. Antimicrobial testing can be used on finished products and can also be utilized for ongoing Quality Control Testing and Product Development.

For more information on Antimicrobial Textile testing, contact our Antimicrobial Test Laboratory at 847-483-9950 or