ISO 21702 – Antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces

ISO 21702 is an antimicrobial surface test that performs the measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

ISO 21702 is a surface test generally used with the different viruses that can be substituted depending on the needs of the customer.

The standard ISO 21702 test method is designed to test the ability of plastics and other similar materials to kill viruses that have come into contact with the surface of the treated material.   ISO 21702 is conducted over a 24 hour period of contact with the virus. Standard antiviral testing for ISO 21702 is conducted using Influenza A virus, Feline calicivirus as examples.

ISO 21702 is one of the most commonly requested antiviral surface test methods for evaluating the antimicrobial activity of antiviral-treated plastic and non-porous products.

Antimicrobial plastics may meet the requirements of ISO 21702, however, when conditioned in simulated environments, treated plastics may not continue to work as intended. It is important to incorporate environmental conditions into testing like UV exposure, humidity, and the use of release agents (for molded products) that may affect the efficacy of an antiviral plastic.  Durability testing when combined with ISO 21702 or another antimicrobial test can provide important data on how a material will perform after exposure to conditions found in its intended use environment.

Many customers will request durability testing in companion with ISO 21702 testing to determine a products antimicrobial performance against viruses when exposed to environmental conditions.  Utilizing both Durability and Antimicrobial testing through Situ Biosciences’ product test laboratory can support product development and performance testing while reducing the time and costs associated with developing a finished product.  Furthermore, having a quality control testing program in place allows customers to continuously provide quality products and be confident that their product performs optimally batch after batch.

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