ISO 22196 – Antimicrobial Test – Concrete

ISO 22196 is an antimicrobial product test for concrete.  This method was developed for use with concrete and mortar; ISO 22196 for Concrete is based on the standard ISO 22196 for plastic materials.

Treated and untreated materials are aged in a pre-test procedure and then exposed to a standard microorganism over a 24 hour period.

Although concrete and pre-cast structures are designed for long term use, concrete is often exposed to conditions that can promote microbial growth.

Furthermore, microbial activity can quickly shorten the structural life span of both treated and untreated materials.

This antimicrobial test method is useful for concrete mixes, precast structures, applications and formulation testing, and mortars.

Batch testing and post-production evaluations are additional uses for ISO 22196 Modified for Concrete; large sample sets and pilot scale tests are routinely run.

Additional Testing Information

Prior to running the antimicrobial concrete test, samples are aged. Once the correct balance has been achieved, the treated samples are exposed to the inoculum and the modified ISO 22196 surface test method can start.

One of the main challenges in testing concrete is growing the specific microorganisms associated with microbial corrosion.  Lead time is required to prepare the sample before testing.

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