JIS Z 2801 – Test for Antimicrobial Activity of Plastics

JIS Z 2801 is an antimicrobial surface method that tests for antimicrobial activity and efficacy.

The Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Z 2801 is a quantitative antimicrobial test that is commonly requested for plasticsfoams, and textiles and is harmonized with ISO 22196The JIS Z 2801 standard method tests hard surfaces and plastics to measure the growth that may occur after a material is inoculated by two common bacteria, E. coli and S. aureus.  Standard testing is 24 hours. JIS Z 2801 is one of the most commonly requested, quick and reliable antimicrobial surface tests for antibacterial activity and efficacy.

Durability testing in companion with JIS Z 2801 can provide important information on a product’s antimicrobial performance when exposed to different environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, UV, etc.

As with all antimicrobial testing, our laboratory recommends first following the requirements of the end customer and respective regulatory authority when selecting test methods.

Advantages of the JIS Z 2801 Test method:

  • One of the original antimicrobial test methods.
  • JIS Z 2801 was developed for materials and products entering the Japanese market.
  • JIS standards are reliable and globally accepted antimicrobial tests.
  • JIS Standards have been harmonized for a wide range of markets.
  • A harmonized version of JIS Z 2801, ISO 22196 is nearly identical to JIS Z 2801.

At Situ Biosciences product test laboratory, we value high quality testing and believe that understanding project requirements and thorough communication are key focal points for every project. Whether choosing the appropriate test method or setting up a quality control program, our experienced Technical and Commercial staff can assist and initiate the required product testing. Utilizing Situ Biosciences’ antimicrobial laboratory for quick and reliable antimicrobial testing can support product development and performance testing, as well as ongoing quality control.

For more information about JIS Z 2801 and antimicrobial plastics, contact our antimicrobial lab at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com

Introductory JIS Z 2801 YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/yqaPFaEZRiI