ASTM E2275 is a standard practice for evaluating water-miscible metalworking fluid bioresistance and antimicrobial preservative performance. Metal Working Fluids (MWF) are regularly used in challenging environments and are often exposed to significant microbial populations. Untreated or untested, MWF’s ability to function properly can be compromised by microbial contamination.  ASTM E2275 is also used to determine the overall […]

ASTM E2275 – Metalworking Fluid Test

ASTM E2694 provides a rapid method for managing microorganism impacts on metalworking fluid systems. For managing antimicrobial preservation of a larger system or sump, ATP testing allows for a rapid assessment to be made in a manner that supplements Quality Control programs.  The important aspects of a program, whether by ASTM E2649 or other similar bio-load […]

ASTM E2694 – ATP Testing – Metalworking Fluids