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AATCC 194 – Dust Mite Test

AATCC 194 is an antimicrobial test against dust mites that performs an assessment of the anti-house dust mite properties of treated textiles under long term test conditions.

Dust mites can commonly contaminate fabrics and textiles in bedding that are enclosed between layers that can present an interesting environment for dust mites to thrive.

Textiles can have a long product life time, which must be accounted for when determining a materials efficacy against organisms such as Dust Mites.

This method is used for textiles claiming to have anti-dust mite performance. It is not specific to the end-use of a material and only reports on a fabric’s efficacy.

AATCC 194 evaluates the degree of anti-house dust mite activity in a long-term testing environment for textiles treated at the manufacturing level.  Standard testing is a minimum of 6 weeks.

Customers commonly request AATCC 194 as part of product development and performance testing.  AATCC 194 best provides information on the effects that  different textile treatments have in controlling the ability of dust mites to successfully establish breeding colonies.

Many customers request the ELISA analysis to assess the effects that different textile treatments have on reducing dust mite allergens.

Testing requires lead time to set up and maintain Dust Mite Colonies; please inform the lab of any time requirements before testing.

For more information about AATCC 194 Dust Mite Testing, contact our Antimicrobial laboratory at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com.

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