Accurate and Reliable Biodegradability Testing Services by Situ Biosciences

Situ Biosciences is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that specializes in biological testing, including comprehensive biodegradability tests for aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability. Our technical experts have a good understanding of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guides for evidence of biodegradation, providing our customers with unique guidance and invaluable insights into their product’s biodegradability and performance.

The Importance of Accurate Biodegradability Testing: Accurate biodegradability testing plays a crucial role in assessing the environmental impact of various products. Businesses striving to be environmentally responsible and meet sustainability goals must have reliable data to support their claims. With accurate test results, companies can confidently make informed decisions, develop eco-friendly products, and transparently communicate their commitment to sustainability. The FTC actively monitors environmental claims and takes action against companies that rely on inaccurate test reports, ensuring consumers are protected from deceptive practices.

Situ Biosciences: Your Trusted Accredited Partner: At Situ Biosciences, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable biodegradability testing services to businesses across various industries. Our ISO 17025 accreditation demonstrates our dedication to quality, technical competence, and adherence to internationally recognized standards. By partnering with us, you can be confident that your biodegradability testing needs are met with the highest level of professionalism and accuracy.

Our Expertise and Services: Our team of experienced scientists and technicians specializes in biological testing and possess extensive knowledge in conducting biodegradability assessments. We follow internationally accepted guidelines, such as the OECD 301 and 302 series, as well as ASTM and ISO testing methods, to evaluate the biodegradability of substances under specific environmental conditions. Through rigorous testing protocols, we accurately determine the biodegradation rates, providing you with precise data to support your sustainability claims.

FTC Green Guides: Situ Biosciences is well-versed in the guidelines outlined by the FTC Green Guides and understands the importance of providing truthful and substantiated claims based on scientific evidence. We ensure our testing methods and reporting align with these requirements. By choosing Situ Biosciences for your biodegradability testing needs, you can trust that your claims are based on reliable and verifiable data, reducing the risk of FTC scrutiny and potential fines.

Unique Guidance and Insight: We go beyond simply providing test results. At Situ Biosciences, we believe in offering our customers unique guidance and insight into their product’s biodegradability and performance. Our team of experts is available to discuss test results, interpret data, and provide recommendations to help you optimize your product’s environmental impact. With our assistance, you can make informed decisions, improve sustainability initiatives, and confidently communicate your commitment to the environment.

When it comes to biodegradability testing, reliability and accuracy are paramount. Situ Biosciences, ISO 17025 Accredited Product Test Laboratory, offers comprehensive biodegradability testing services. By choosing Situ Biosciences, you can be assured of accurate and reliable test results that meet international standards.

Partner with Situ Biosciences to ensure your environmental claims are supported by credible data and to contribute to a greener future. Contact our lab at or call 847-483-9950 to get started.