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OECD 301D – Biodegradation Closed Bottle Test

Biodegradability and Toxicology testing are common requirements for environmentally acceptable product under regulatory guidelines.OECD 301D is an aerobic biodegradation test method that is suitable for volatile and absorbing material samples.

Depending on sample and project requirements, OECD 301D can be conducted by measuring Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) for soluble materials, or Theoretical Oxygen demand by Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) for customers that request 301D testing for poorly soluble to insoluble substances.

Similar to other OECD 301 biodegradation methods, OECD 301D can test for Ready, Ultimate, or Inherent Biodegradability.

Many chemical and physical properties can impact biodegradability testing and it is important to communicate these properties with the testing laboratory before beginning a biodegradation test. For more information on biodegradability testing and how a material’s chemical or physical properties can affect biodegradability testing, please visit our Biodegradability Testing – Chemical Impacts page. For substances that have poor solubility, please inquire with the lab about performing a Water Accommodated Fraction analysis prior to running the biodegradation test.

When testing to meet regulatory or third party labeling requirements, it is highly recommended that testing requirements are reviewed with the appropriate  agency to determine which biodegradation testing is required to make performance claims about a material’s biodegradability.

For more information about OECD 301D and biodegradability testing, contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com.

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