ASTM D5864 – Lubricant Biodegradation Test

ASTM D5864 is a biodegradation test method for determining aerobic aquatic biodegradation of lubricants or their components.

ASTM D5864 determines the degree of aerobic aquatic biodegradation of fully formulated lubricants or their components, based on the exposure to an inoculum under laboratory conditions.

Testing is designed to be applicable to all lubricants that are not volatile and are not inhibitory at the test concentration to organisms present in the inoculum.

The plateau level of CO2 evolution in ASTM D5864 will suggest the lubricant’s degree of biodegradability.

Test substances that achieve a high degree of biodegradation are assumed to be easily biodegradable in many aerobic aquatic environments.

ASTM D5864 is intended to specifically address the difficulties associated with testing water insoluble materials and complex mixtures many times found in lubricants.

Making specific product claims with this or any biodegradability test method depends on the specific market and regulatory environment; it is recommended before testing begins that customers contact the appropriate regulatory agency to determine testing requirements for their product.

Many customers request Biodegradability Testing and Toxicity testing to meet regulatory and market requirements.

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