ISO 14593 – Ultimate Aerobic Biodegradation

ISO 14593 is a solution biodegradation test that performs an evaluation of ultimate aerobic biodegradability of organic compounds in an aqueous medium.

Ultimate aerobic biodegradation: Microorganisms fully consume a chemical compound or organic matter by in the presence of oxygen. Produces carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts.

The ISO 14593 method analyzes inorganic carbon in sealed vessels (CO2 headspace test). It is an aerobic biodegradation test method that was adapted from OECD 301B. Standard testing is a minimum of 28 days. The ISO 14593 test method is applicable to soluble, poorly soluble, volatile and other materials that do not inhibit test organisms at the concentration chosen for testing.

Choosing the correct method for biodegradability is closely related to the product’s intended use and disposal.  Generally, liquids and solutions will be disposed of in a liquid environment or even used regularly in a liquid environment, as is the case with many personal care and pet care products. For solutions biodegradation testing, is important to communicate any chemical or physical properties of the test material that may affect biodegradability results.  Knowing a material’s toxicity can help interpret poor biodegradability results.

For more information on biodegradation testing, and chemical and physical properties, please visit our Biodegradability Testing – Chemical Impacts page.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that customers check with their respective regulatory agency to determine which biodegradation test is required to make performance claims about their product’s biodegradability.

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