JIS L 1902 – Antimicrobial Test – Textiles

JIS L 1902 is an antimicrobial product test for testing antibacterial activity and efficacy on textiles.

JIS L 1902 is recognized globally for testing antimicrobial additives and was originally developed as a Japanese Industrial Standard for products entering the Japanese market.

This method is frequently used for basic fabrics and textiles used in bedding, furniture, and apparel.

Test options include a Qualitative and Quantitative component.

  • Qualitative: The official JSA JIS L 1902 Testing for Antimicrobial Activity is an antimicrobial efficacy test designed for textile products. In this version of the JIS L 1902, the antimicrobial activity is a qualitative determination of growth on a textile.
  • Quantitative: The JIS L 1902 Quantitative Antimicrobial Test is a standard JIS L 1902 used for textiles. In this version of the JIS L 1902, the data is quantitative.  The Quantitative approach requires an additional incubation time period for bacterial determination by plating.

Typically, customers are selecting the Quantitative method against the two common bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Other microorganisms can be used as alternatives depending on the requirements of the end customer or regulatory agency.

Similar to standard antimicrobial textile test methods like AATCC TM 100, JIS L 1902 tests the surface of a material after a short incubation period. Consequently, this method is ideal for high throughput, rapid turnaround and large volume testing. In addition; due to the incubation conditions of the test, the JIS L 1902 is on of the most stringent methods for testing antimicrobial performance, providing both reasonable replicate analysis for test statistics and durability challenge to the treated test sample.

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