AATCC TM 30 Testing Overview


AATCC TM 30 Overview

For fungal product testing, TM 30 is a go-to method for industrial materials and consumer products. Used for materials that may be susceptible to unsightly fungal growth, AATCC TM 30 has two purposes:

1. Determining the susceptibility of materials to mildew and rot

2. Evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobial treatments

Developed for use with both interior and exterior products, AATCC 30 offers 4 variants; AATCC TM 30 part 1, AATCC TM 30 part 2, AATCC TM 30 part 3, and AATCC TM 30 part 4. TM 30 part 3 is the most widely chosen method and the table below offers a quick overview and comparison of the 4 options.

Test           Type of Test       Typical Use                              Typical Turn Around

30 part 1              Soil Burial            Outdoor – Ground Contact        4-16 weeks

30 part 2              Surface                Indoor – Cellulosic Materials     3 weeks

30 part 3              Surface                Indoor – General Textiles          3 weeks

30 part 4              Humidity Jar      Outdoor – Above Ground           3-5 weeks

As with most microbiological tests, there is a great deal of variability related to the nature of the specific microorganisms, test conditions and materials used. Our lab can help in the selection of the proper test conditions.

For more information, see AATCC Tests, AATCC 30, or AATCC 30 part 3 at www.situbiosciences.com.