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The ATSM E1052 test is performed to assess the efficacy of antimicrobials against suspended viruses. This is performed by utilizing eukaryotic cell cultures as host systems. This suspension test is meant for special virucidal applications. This includes inactivation of viruses in contaminated liquid wastes as well as determination of virucidal activity for liquid chemicals or […]

ASTM E1052: Efficacy of Antimicrobial Agents Against Viruses in Suspension

On a snowy winter day there is nothing better than sitting next to a warm fire with a hot beverage dreaming of Cayo de Aqua beaches in Venezuela; however, in reality over 80% of the Earth never reaches above 5°C (3). Even more distant from our thoughts is that many microorganisms inhabit these inhabitable landscapes […]

Loving the Cold: Microbes from the Archeozoic Eon

Electronic Equipment – From individual components to entire assemblies, electronic equipment can present a favorable environment for microbial growth Fuels and Lubricant – Storage, use, and disposal of fuels and lubricants can be impacted by microbes, whether the need is to prevent microbial growth or to encourage microbial consumption Textiles – Used in harsh conditions […]

Antimicrobial Testing – Exceeding the Standards

Steps to Reducing and Preventing Microbial Contamination Microbial Screening Microbes can grow nearly everywhere – make sure the production lines, raw materials, and packaging are as clear as possible before filling orders Durability Testing a products performance for a specific environment. Can be heat, UV, moisture, etc; make sure to test in similar conditions, not just with standard […]

Personal Care Preservation & Performance Testing

Commonly requested test methods for personal are and cosmetic products include: Preservation ASTM E640 – Preservatives in Water-Containing Cosmetics ASTM E645 – Evaluation of Preservatives in Cooling Water (Industrial Water Testing) Shelf Life Accelerated Aging – Heat Accelerated Aging – Spray/Wipe Accelerated Aging – UV Exposure Accelerated Aging – Water Mist Biodegradation OECD 301B for […]

Personal Care Test Methods

Bacterial contamination has once again resulted in a large scale product recall, this time with baby wipe; and this is an entirely avoidable problem.   Apparently, after opening a package of baby wipes, customers discovered the wipes were discolored and had an unpleasant order.  Further microbial testing indicated that the contaminant was (in part) Burkholderia cepacia.  A […]

Personal Care Quality Control Testing

Textiles are an important part of our everyday lives.  New trends constantly develop and new products hit the market each season.  One item that has hit the shelves and formed its niche into our lives is leggings.  They are comfortable, light, and usually inexpensive. Leggings have become an extremely popular trend in the clothing world today. […]

Fashion Trends & Antimicrobials

Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, and Antifungal Products for Golf Courses and Turf Microbes inhabit every niche in of our natural landscape: without them there would be no natural landscape. But in certain circumstances specific fungi can cause problems that are both cosmetic and costly. Notable for lawn and turf applications are the fungal blights known […]

Fungal Challenges for Lawn and Turf

AATCC TM 30 Overview For fungal product testing, TM 30 is a go-to method for industrial materials and consumer products. Used for materials that may be susceptible to unsightly fungal growth, AATCC TM 30 has two purposes: 1. Determining the susceptibility of materials to mildew and rot 2. Evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobial treatments Developed […]

AATCC TM 30 Testing Overview