Fashion Trends & Antimicrobials

Textiles are an important part of our everyday lives.  New trends constantly develop and new products hit the market each season.  One item that has hit the shelves and formed its niche into our lives is leggings.  They are comfortable, light, and usually inexpensive.

Leggings have become an extremely popular trend in the clothing world today.  Many consumers see them to be comfortable, well-fitting, and versatile as they are worn for various reasons such as use during athletic activities, leg warmth, or daily wear.  A quality pair of leggings is one that not only looks good, but is made with a quality fabric that keeps one comfortable while offering a clean and odorless wear.

Odor management is a key component in products like leggings.  One way that companies can increase the value of their apparel is to increase odor management capability by adding preservatives called antimicrobials to the fabrics used in production.  Antimicrobials are chemical additives that serve to create a resistance in the fabric to microorganisms that normally contribute to color alteration, damage, and any unpleasant odor that is associated with the bacteria or fungi.

As an antimicrobial test lab, we can help to assure manufacturers that the antimicrobials in their products have the ability to show good efficacy against microbes using standard industrial test methods.  We also offer durability tests which give a larger picture of how the antimicrobial will perform under “real” conditions.  Durability refers to the ability of an antimicrobial application to withstand exposure to a range of environmental conditions for an extended period of intended use.

As leggings become one of the go-to apparel items, both for fashion and athletic performance, it becomes increasingly important to have them tested for antimicrobial efficacy and general durability.  This type of testing gives manufacturers the reassurance that they are introducing a product into the market that is competitive in both its quality and long-term wearability.

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