Antimicrobial Testing – Exceeding the Standards

Electronic EquipmentFrom individual components to entire assemblies, electronic equipment can present a favorable environment for microbial growth

Fuels and LubricantStorage, use, and disposal of fuels and lubricants can be impacted by microbes, whether the need is to prevent microbial growth or to encourage microbial consumption

TextilesUsed in harsh conditions often without regular laundering or maintenance, textiles can quickly be compromised by microbial growth.

SurfactantsCleaners and disinfectants should be properly preserved and for surfactants that enter water systems, tested for biodegradability.

Plastics and Foams – Composites, moldings, seats, insulation and synthetic materials can all be affected by microbial growth

Product Testing

Military, Aerospace and Marine products need to be tough, durable and able to withstand rigorous use and maintain optimal performance while in often extreme conditions.

The Unseen Adversary

However, all the design and engineering that goes into producing quality and reliable products can be rapidly overwhelmed by a nearly invisible adversary – microbes.

Without an understanding of how the product performs and how durable it will be when exposed to microorganisms, mission critical materials and equipment can quickly become compromised when put to actual use.

Testing to common test standards in a laboratory setting is the first step in assessing product performance. However just ‘passing’ the test once in a lab may not be not enough.

Exceeding the Standards

Typically, tests are based only on ‘ideal laboratory’ environments and may not always provide the full picture of how the product will perform when used as intended.

Providing a comprehensive assessment of how the product performs in environmental conditions it will likely face can make the difference between simply ‘passing’ and setting the standard for quality performance.

Durability and Product Performance testing together provide the comprehensive assessment necessary to know how well a product will hold up in the environment it is intended for.

Tough, durable products don’t happen by accident. But you can rely on accredited independent laboratories for rigorous, real-world testing of Military, Aerospace, and Marine products.

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