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Of the more prominent challenges facing the construction industry are those related to  deterioration of material and structures by actions of microorganisms.  The process is  loosely known as Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC), which belies an incredible range of processes occurring as a result of the growth of microorganism, principally bacteria, on our steel and concrete […]

Concrete & the Challenge of Microbial Induced Corrosion

Research into the microorganisms related to food born illness has taken a turn in the last few years.  Vibrio vulnificus  a formerly  little known  organism related to the bacteria causing cholera disease (Vibrio cholera) is now causing increasing concern associated with the consumption of raw or undercooked shellfish. 

Chicken of the Sea – Of Microbes and Shellfish

Dust Mites Love Fungi   As a microbial enthusiast, the interaction between humans and our unseen environment is fascinating.  As part of our profession we are regularly challenged with issues related to the generic categories of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.  But on occasion other classes of organisms such as small insects become important.  […]

Dust Mites Love Fungi

Formaldehyde is the most basic form of aldehyde representing the class of reactive antimicrobials. Situ Biosciences – Microbial Test Experts Did you know? Formaldehyde and aldehydes can be volatile at room temperature leading to the odor commonly associated with preservation of tissue or tissue samples such as in laboratories, hospitals, and mortuaries. 

Antimicrobial Preservatives and Additives – Aldehydes