Personal Care Quality Control Testing

Bacterial contamination has once again resulted in a large scale product recall, this time with baby wipe; and this is an entirely avoidable problem.  

Apparently, after opening a package of baby wipes, customers discovered the wipes were discolored and had an unpleasant order.  Further microbial testing indicated that the contaminant was (in part) Burkholderia cepacia.  A common bacteria, B. cepacia may cause medical-related concerns, in addition to affecting the quality and integrity of the product itself.

The reality of production and the need to maximize efficiency often interferes with appropriate quality control testing.  Microbial test results take time and in the not so distant past waiting for microbial test results could take up to a week.  Demanding delivery schedules no longer afford the luxury of time.

Appropriate technology for microbial detection can eliminate time-consuming Quality Control Testing.  Rapid microbial detection technologies can readily provide scientifically valid results often in less than 24 hours.  Using these technologies to determine the presence of microbial contaminants should be the final Quality Check prior to sending the product out the door.

By testing the finished product as shipped to the end-customer, you can assure both the quality of the product and brand integrity – and avoid this situation altogether.

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Using an independent, accredited, test laboratory assures your customers of the integrity of the microbial test process while reducing costs and time.

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