[Shampoo Porduct] – our future™ Certified Biodegradable Product

[Shampoo Product] has successfully achieved the requirements of the our future™ Program for Data-Driven Biodegradability Certification.

[Shampoo Product] was tested according to the OECD 301 B method achieving the requirements for Ready Biodegradability.

View [Shampoo Product] test results here: 301 B Demo Results Table.

our future™ Certified Biodegradable is rooted in the product’s biodegradation test results. Our certification is based on thorough biodegradation assessments and is backed by scientific data from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory testing. Products are certified to ISO 17034 Certified Reference Material.

To learn more about the our future™ Program, contact info@situtest.com or 847-483-9950.

Product Performance

[Shampoo Product] Biodegradability Certificate: